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Outstanding Portfolio #3

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September Cover of Harper's Bazaar: Lauryn Hill, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, wears a "Jersey City" T-shirt from Primal Stuff, NYC, and flat-front pants by Giorgio Armani. Boots, Louis Vuitton. Earrings and necklace, Dean Harris. Her own Fred Leighton ring. Orange crush: Blush Duo Plural Textures in Terra and Rouge Magnétic Unfailing Weightless LipColour in Hanky Panky. Both, Lancôme. Emporio Armani for her eau de parfum. Fashion Editor: Brana Wolf. Hair, Debra Ottley; makeup, Billy B; manicure, Bernadette Thompson. (top)

Model: Tammy Ford from Metropolitan Models. Although Tammy's hair requires low maintenance — water, conditioner and gel do the trick — Ottley contends that a client such as this would still require monthly salon visits for "scalp stimulation, trims and deep treatments." Here, the cornrows are removed to produce a full Afro whose ends are defined with a small amount of pomade. (top)

"Most stylists are afraid of the tight curl pattern and the thickness of natural hair," say Ottley. "But there should be no fear in styling hair that hasn't been chemically altered." According to Ottley, natural hair can be managed easily when approached in this manner: "First work in a creme or other leave-in conditioner to soften hair, then hold the base tightly and begin to comb hair out at the ends, working your way down to the base." (top)
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