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Outstanding Portfolio #2

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From Heart & Soul Magazine: Pull It Up. Create a new look for evening by twisting parted sections of the hair toward the crown, securing with hair pins and leaving the ends out. Finish by misting with Aveda Firmata Holding Spray. (top)

From Heart & Soul Magazine: Let Your Hair Down. Allow your extension twists to make a bold statement by falling into a natural yet funky look. Just style with your fingers, and go. (top)

Model: Muhammida Elmuhajir. Twist Out. A short natural (about four inches long) gets hip to even more texture thanks to twists! Very light tapering along the perimeter gives this silhouette its shape. To create the effect, hair is first twisted then released to give mane extra volume while still retaining the "twisted" texture. Prime tresses with a light promade prior to twisting for extra styling power. (top)
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