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From Heart & Soul Magazine: Fabulous Fake. Ideal for the office, a two-stand twist extension works well for women who want length while making the transition from a chemical to non-chemical style. "It's easy to manage, and you can wear it many different ways," says Ottley. To create this versatile get-up-and-go style, human hair is braided, and then twisted into your length. The best part? With minimal upkeep, it lasts for up to three months. Just moisturize the scalp twice a week, and the hair once a day, and have it shampooed and groomed at a salon every three or four weeks. (top)

From the front cover of Inside Salon For Cosmetologists February 1998: The Coolest Cornrows. Model Tammy Ford's chemically-free hair is braided into cornrows by Debra Ottley. (top)

From Heart & Soul Magazine: "Some people believe oils, like olive oil, are great for the hair, but they're not. Apply oil only to the scalp, never the hair."

Up To The Minute. Switching from a playful look to a more sophisticated style can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. Start at the front, pull sections of hair from the left and right sides, criss-cross them at the crown and secure with hair pins.

Curls So Soft. Who says natural hair has to look dry and brittle? You too can achieve smoothness with loads of sheen without ever having to use chemicals. The key? Moisturizing after shampooing and before styling with a lightweight natural-based pomade. Try Elasta QP Glaze, or Aveda Humectant Pomade. (top)

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